Truss Prolyte H30v Various Sizes

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The H30 series truss is designed as lightweight, light to medium duty truss system.  The truss is strong, compact and very versatile.  The truss has a low self weight. Assembly is foolproof due to the continuous webbing of the diagonals.

The H truss has main chords of 3mm thick making them less vulnerable to transport-related damage and extends their durability.

Available Truss Prolyte H30v to hire:

  • 250mm (qty: x8)
  • 500mm (qty: x8)
  • 1000mm (qty: x12)
  • 1500mm (qty: x8)
  • 2000mm (qty: x10)
  • 2500mm (qty: x24)
  • 180° T-corner (qty: x6)
  • Base Plate (qty: x6)
  • Corner Hinge (qty: x2)

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